Infinity Learning (Week 1): What is a game?

Infinity Learning (Week 1): What is a game?

This is the outline of a course in game-making delivered to 11 and 12 year olds in Melbourne, Australia. It uses Disney Infinity as a tool to support students in their game making pursuits. The sessions were only one-hour long over six weeks.

Week 1 – What is a game?

The aim of this week is to get the students thinking about the breadth and depth of what a game is.

Step 1: Begin with a discussion about “What is a game?”

A game is made up of different things. What are the things that make up the games you like?

In this week we want to have a good chat about all the things we love about games – sport games, computer games, playground games, back of the car games, weekend games…so – have a think about the following questions:

  •  What games do you play?
  •  Why do you play them?
  • What makes a good game?
  • What platforms can you use to create games?


Step 2: Demonstrate Disney Infinity

Talk about the playsets, the characters and what games we like and don’t like. What are the different types of games in Disney Infinity?

There is a chance here for students to do an exercise where they choose a favorite character and can come up with a new game for them (you may want to save this until week 2)


Step 3: Make a game – with one sheet of paper.

For the last half of the class the students should focus on working in groups of 3 to make their own game. Yes, right off the bat. But, it has some parameters. here is how you do it.

  • Explain to the students we have just talked aboiut the games we love, and what makes them good games.
  • Tell them to get into groups of three and that they will have 10-15 minutes to make their own game
  • Tell them there will be some parameters.
  • Those parameters are: they must make a game using one piece of paper.
  • Just use the paper – no pens, no scissors, just three people and a piece of paper.

The type of games they will design are infinite. It is amazing. In our session we had 10 unique games created. Here are four of them:

  • Craft-Target: an open-ended game where a small paper target is placed on the floor and player use their pieces of paper to design
  • Modified Paper Plane Game: You design a paper plane and it has to navigate a modified bedroom or classroom set up
  • Ninja Shuriken: Use a piece of paper to make a Ninja Mask and a Shuriken. A player must throw the Shuriken at a group of players. If a player is hit, they are out. If you hit the ninja – you lose.
  • Paper Toss: Using a single piece of paper create a circular goal, and a scrunched up piece of paper. You throw the paper through the hole. Various points and options available for scoring and game play

Step 4: Leave students with a short demo of the Toybox. Use one of the CreativiToy Mastery Adventures and perhaps let the team who has developed the best paper game do the demo-ing. This will give them a taste for the potential of Disney Infinity to create games.


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