The Toy Box

The Toy Box

What is the Disney Infinity Toy Box?

This is where the real magic happens. I could write an entire book about what you can do in the Toy Box and still not cover what’s possible, or even dream up half of what the Disney Infinity community will create. But I want to touch on three aspects: an overview, list-based logic programming, and spark mode.

The Toy Box mode works just like a virtual toy box, with the addition of the ability to make your own games and worlds, and share them with friends, or the world. It’s also four-player co-op, and all four can build and play at the same time, with instant results. To quote a kids mini-mag:

‘The Disney Infinity Toy Box is all about ‘you’. What you want to do. How you want to play. There are almost no limits on what you can create or how you go about it. It’s all about imagination! You choose the stories you want to tell, the adventures you want to embark on, and even the heroes you want to star in them. In the Toy Box there is no set theme. You can have the characters from Cars battling Davy Jones, while Tonto hoons after them in a futuristic Light Runner from Tron. Or maybe you’d like to build a wigged out game of Space Invaders using red Tron Recognisers as the alien invaders…’

Start from scratch, or modify

Create a toy box world from scratch or modify one of the pre-existing ones, there are plenty of blocks, set pieces, decorations, buildings, track pieces, physics blocks, grind rails, and more to build with. The more you play, the more you unlock.

The game-making features come to the fore through what’s called list-based logic programming. You can learn all about this by completing the Mastery Adventures called Creativi-Toys (part 1) and Creativi-Toys (part 2). After that, I strongly recommend unlocking as many Creativi-Toys as possible and playing around with them. Be aware, too, that it’s not just Creativi-Toys that can be used in the game-making. There are all kinds of toys that have properties and inputs and outputs. To see if a toy has these connections, point the magic wand at it and see if a gear icon comes up in the HUD on the bottom right. If it does, you can connect it to something!

Spark Mode!

For the Toy Box power user, Spark mode is worth mentioning. Going into spark mode allows you to move freely about the Toy Box in editing mode, without being tied to your character.

Sharing toy boxes can be done through the online/multiplayer menu. New toy boxes will be available from Disney (at least five are up there now) and you can upload your own. The plan is to see regular competitions run, challenging players to make toy boxes of various types, and giving players the ability to have their toy boxes showcased by Disney.

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