Infinity Learning (Week 6) – Finishing & Beginning

Infinity Learning (Week 6) – Finishing & Beginning

This is the outline of a course in game-making delivered to 11 and 12 year olds in Melbourne, Australia. It uses Disney Infinity as a tool to support students in their game making pursuits. The sessions were only one-hour long over six weeks.

WEEK 6 – The end, and the beginning…

The final week, we found was best spent undertaking a little bit of reflection about what we had learnt in terms of game design, but also collaborating and how we can work together to make things.

We focussed on talking to the students about how it is the end of a course, but the beginning of them continuing to tell stories, make games and explore the ‘infinite possibilities’ in front of them.

Practically, it is a chance for students to polish those games that they have been working on and then sharing them with others and having a play of all the different games that have been made.

We also were fortunate to have a message from a producer at Disney Infinity, who had taken an interest in our little adventure in using the platform in this way…


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