Infinity Learning (Week 4) – Getting on with it

Infinity Learning (Week 4) – Getting on with it

This is the outline of a course in game-making delivered to 11 and 12 year olds in Melbourne, Australia. It uses Disney Infinity as a tool to support students in their game making pursuits. The sessions were only one-hour long over six weeks.

Week 4 – Getting on with it

This session we focus on strongly CREATION.

STEP 1: Split the  students into groups before you even get Disney Infinity started.

STEP 2: Get those groups to share what they know and write t down. Get them to explain their different design tricks or what Creativi-toys they like to use best and how.

STEP 3: Next get groups and individuals drill down into the tool they are using and begin to put their stories and plans in to action.

This session is a lot about learning by doing. Once you’ve had the initial sharing get students to focus on building.

We have had students narrate their thinking to others as they build, we did some great collaborative design work with three or four students huddled around with two controllers (meaning two builders) designing and creating as lead by others on the team.

It is true to do this well you don’t want more than 4-5 students per console, which is often a challenge in schools. But, even if you have only one console – split the time up, have students working on stories, or mash ups, or writing down designs that save them time when they get a turn on Disney Infinity.



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